Hold Space for Grief and Trauma




We offer EMDR certification and facilitation for clinicians and therapists, and provide guidance for those who want to learn how to more fully serve patients from diverse backgrounds. We also provide training focused on grief complex trauma and crisis intervention and maintain to enhance your clinical skills and specializations.




Successful organizations recognize that their duty to their employees and clients extend far beyond their day-to-day tasks. We can help provide your organization with tools and approaches to hold space for grief and support wellness.





Sometimes it can be hard to talk to the ones closest to us about traumatic events. Our team will work with you and your family to help navigate the hardships of grief and trauma, bringing a particular focus to the challenges faced by people of color.

Hear what our clients have to say:

“Shakira has been a true blessing to me on my journey to enhancing my clinical skills. She has a true gift for ‘seeing people’ and ‘attuning’ with people. She provides encouragement and support that just lifts you up – she just exudes compassion and peace. Every single time I end a consultation with her, I am blessed with new insight, new perspective and practical skills to utilize with my clients. Not only is she talented in her clinical area of expertise, she is just a wonderful, kind human being. I feel honored to know her and feel it is such a privilege that she agreed to take me on as a consultee. I am SO looking forward to any educational opportunity that she provides because I know that it is guaranteed to be a valuable and impactful experience.”

-Beverly L., MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP
Licensed Therapist

“I met Shakira during my participation in EMDR in Color training in April 2021. Since that time, Shakira has been my individual and group EMDR Consultant. Shakira brings a depth of knowledge and experience which is evident upon interacting with her. I have experienced Shakira to be professional, warm, down to earth, strength-based, collaborative, and flexible. She has supported me through navigating all the challenges that I have presented to her. If you are looking for a responsive and knowledgeable consultant with a caring and calm approach, I would highly recommend considering Shakira.”

-Shawna P., LCSW

“Working with Shakira has truly been exceptional for my development as a therapist whose goal is to become a well-equipped EMDR clinician. Prior to starting individual and group consultation with her, I struggled to understand how EMDR works and how to respond to clients when stuck or confused. Shakira has served as a guide, a teacher, a mentor, and a down-to-earth professional amongst her many attributes. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who’s ready to grow their clinical skill-set to seek out her and her practice’s expertise.”

-Olivia T., LCSW

“Shakira has a spirit that is nurturing and informative. I appreciated her approach to consultation as she provided a space for each person to share concerns and offered feedback constantly on our approaches to EMDR as well as supporting our clients. I recommend her for knowledge as well as her ability to encourage each clinician to trust and have confidence in themselves and the EMDR technique. There is no one like Shakira and for that I am grateful.”


“As a recently certified EMDR therapist, I realized that I wouldn’t be here without Shakira’s guidance and support. Working with Shakira was invaluable, as I felt like she cared about my growth and was always, and I mean always, accessible. She even helped me reduce my need for “perfectionism” while learning how to use EMDR with my clients. I can say not only was she a great EMDR consultant, but an amazing clinician. You will not go wrong working with her during your certification process.”

-Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

“Shakira is a hidden gem that you must be sure to seek out. She has a soft, yet powerful voice that guides you through a lens you didn’t even know existed. She allows for you to learn and explore different ways of utilizing EMDR, while also dropping GEMS along the way. Get your pen and paper ready, because you want to be sure to catch every single word she says. You will leave each meeting with her feeling more empowered, energetic and knowledgeable, and you will be ready to dive back into your work with a perspective you never knew.”

-Jada P., PhD
Licensed Psychologist

“Shakira’s expertise coupled with being a believer was huge for me. I signed up for her EMDR group consultation, which has equipped me to show up ready to hold space for my clients, especially my clients who are processing grief. Shakira is very passionate about honoring both your needs as a clinician and the needs of your clients. She provides tangible take-aways to use with your clients in session, these resources have taken my practice to another level. I’m grateful to have connected with her on my EMDR journey and look forward to continuing to learn from Shakira.”

-Tashuna, LMSW

“I am here to serve. It is an honor to witness the indelible impact empowered clinicians have on others, especially communities. I thank you for the invitation to contribute.”

– Shakira Perez-Jones


At Aspire Training & Consulting, we believe that having access to training in mental health skillsets and modalities can lift up communities, individuals, families, and organizations, and create more skillful compassion. We offer quality trainings in holding space for grief and trauma, EMDR facilitation, and more, with an emphasis on underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Aspire Training & Consulting offers training in key mental health skillsets for individuals, mental health professionals, and organizations of all sizes to better understand and hold space for grief and trauma.